How long does it take..


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How long before you can really start to 'feel' a Propionate kick in? I am going to hit it for 4 weeks and was just wondering..

Depends on your dose ofcourse! Strength gains in about 5 days as for weight gains about 2 weeks for myself! That is at 100mg/eod of QV Prop along with EQ!:D
Yea I am going to takie the Prop with me Deca that I have been on since week 1. 400Mg/Week of the Deca and now I am doing 100 Mg EOD. I started with a Deca/Dbol stack for 5 weeks, took a week off and waited for the Prop to get here. Now I am halfway through the first week of the Prop and hadnt really felt any changes.

Gimp said:
Honestly...I don't really feel a " kick" from prop. It's kinda minute you're natural...the next you're not. I like the way enanthate slowly creeps up on me, I can feel my blood levels rise with each additional shot.....:p

Yea well I kinda Fuked myself on my first cycle.. Oh well.. No Biggie.. Next one I do I plan on doin a EQ/Enan/Dbol/ Stack.

I will start it the First of Dec.