How Long For Eq To Kick In?


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Its my 4th week on 600mg/wk of EQ and Im also on 50mgs winni a day....Wondering when Im gonna see some results from the EQ...What is every ones experience with this?
I would give the Equi at least 4 weeks to start kicking least that's been my experience with it.
Everyone is different! EQ works slow, I feel the effects within 2-3 weeks, but real gains arent noticable until week 6-8. Also diet is the key! Eat that protien!
Spacedet01 said:
BL winni ...and QV EQ

You are on some FINE QUALITY stuff'll be good-to-go!!!!

Just give it a little more time, and as LS sure you're eating (especially protein). ;)

Take a look at the other responses: 4 weeks seems to be AVERAGE with SOME people saying even longer!!!! You're all right bro.
Spacedet01 said:
Hey Veejay......some one told me to ask you about EQL's Tren/prop mix have they fixed the hurt factor??

Not sure partner.....I wish I knew :confused:

The Bouncer (good bro here) knows quite a few bro's who love the EQL and plan to use it religiously.....maybe ask him?

Good luck :)
I really did not notice much on EQ until week 5 or 6, as far as feeling the increased pumps and looking more vascualr.