Test E + NPP + Turinabolos 10-12week


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Hello professionals and starters! :)
25 birthday in 1 month. Started gym when I was 16, in total more when 5 years, always shit pct, not saved results.
Last cycle was more when 16months ago, it was prop + tren. Finished after half cycled.
Now had a stop with trainings, trying get back to the shape.
Current weight 80kg. Bodyfat 8 %
Have in my hands turinabolos "PHARMQCOM" (oral testosterone) 100tab 10mg
Test e 300mg "PHARMACOM"
Npp 100mg "PHARMACOM"
Food is good + all supplements + bcaa + animal nitro, creatine, zma, glutamine, proteins, optimen and etc. Not struggling with money to go proper.
Want as less as possible side effects.
How would you experienced guys suggest the dossage?
Im thinking every 5 or 7 day 300mg test e.
Turinabolos (oral test) start at the begining 5 tabs a day untill it will run out 100tab.
Not sure about npp, wondering should I add it to my cycle little bit ? If yes how much, how often, and for how long to keep away from side effects?
All info more when welcome and will be appreciated.
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Few things...

1. Always shit PCT.

What have you done to prevent that again? You have your cycle on hand, but what about your PCT items? Also, what AI are you using throughout your cycle? You seem very concerned with sides. A big part of that is monitoring/regulating estrogen levels.

2. How long have you been back in the gym? How long has your training/diet been optimal?

I would recommend at least 6-8 mo of hard training with correct diet before jumping on the gear IF you have the prior experience that you’ve mentioned. Utilize that muscle memory and get back to a good spot naturally, so you can get further along when you go on cycle.

3. You said your previous cycle of prop + tren was cut short?

Reason I ask is because I’m wondering if you have any prop left over.

If I were you, I’d run a test only cycle and I’d kickstart it with any leftover prop you have. You’ve been off 16 mo and your last cycle was cut short. Plus you’re only 25. Go back to the basics. Put in the work to get to a good place naturally, then start with a modest test only cycle. This will give you a great baseline and something to build off of.

Also, i recommend injecting test E every 3.5 days. If you’re planning on 300mg/wk, pin 150mg twice a week. Your test level will stay more consistent.

I would drop the NPP and tbol, and run the test e only for 12 weeks at 500mg/wk with a prop kickstart. Come off and run the PERFECT pct. Stay off for 12-16 wks, get your bloodwork done, and if it all looks good and well - then consider stacking something with the test.

Just my 2c and tbh I am a little intoxicated so I apologize if I forget any info or offended you in any way. Just trying to help. Good luck with whatever you decide ***128077;***127995;
Sound advice

I agree ^^^ with Tankman on the 1st reply.

I myself were on top of the age thing and length of time off. You haven't matured yet... close but not yet. So as Afizz mentioned getting down to basics with your training routines and your core strength. Ya don't want to get into a situation that you lift heavier then your body is ready and joints can handle safely..... KEY word being SAFE with no injuries and needed time off. Remember if your body is still growing , by pure age It is somewhat easier to get injured.

AS was said the beginner cycle Test only. Starting with the oral kick and with Test"E" base line for the 12-14 week cycle. Then also as you work your way up, learn you PCT as well as when you start to add compounds you will notice what does what with your metabolism. Getting used to where your AI should be FOR YO and the how you feel with if any sides.

My .02