how long is it going to take me to become a ripped monster?

Great post doc, as a lot of people here think the same as well, think u shoukd be a ripped monster in a few years, gear or not takes longer then a few years to accomplish monster like style like yourself bro, looking big bro
If that was the case everyone would do 1 to 2 cycles get big and forget the rest

Well I did se progess in his 3 week pics and not your 9 week tren pics. Your hating card has been revoked.
I'm so watching this one. I'm just concerned that the OP has over 100 posts. That's 2 posts for every IQ point.
progress pic under a different lighting for ya'll, but I think my body is pretty responsive, you guys can laugh and whatnot but ull see me be a respected member on this board in 3 months. keep in mind iv only worked out for 3 weeks. so this is my starting point ur basically looking at.

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