how long is it going to take me to become a ripped monster?

That's fine, but even bringing it up with someone you just meet, that offered you training advice is a no no. I'm not trying to call you out. Just realize what you did wrong and go from there. There is a lot to learn here, but you need to go about things the right way and in a respectful manner. You know what I mean? I'll still help you, just use some sense and humility

kk shoot me a PM when you ready.
Bro, you have to understand that you can't come on here talking down to people, acting like you know anything about this world after training for 3 weeks, admitting you want to do this to get laid, talking about fucking hookers, bragging about drug use.....and then expect to be taken seriously. To top it off you were given great advice to not take any steroids and you just said you're doing clen so you're ignoring the help you got. I told you to pm me if you need help and you asked me to help you find gear. We can help you a lot, but you have to be respectful, be serious, and listen when given great advice. What else would you expect from the bros? I mean, come on...oh and you said within 3 months you'll be a respected member...Shit I've been on here a year and there are still guys that don't respect me and a lot more that do, but hate me....and I haven't done even half of what you accomplished in a single thread...

Look at all the respect I got in a year!
This guy is trolling. If he really wanted help he wouldn't act like a douche. It's most likely one of the noobs that got banned recently. Has nothing better to do with his life.