How many have done a 3 weeker??


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I thought I might go for shorter cycles, and a hole bunch odf them instead..I know by personal experienxce that 14days on is too short but that 3-4 weeks would be better.

If I choose to do short cycles I'm planing 2 of them this summer, first one starting july 1:

Test Prop

These are the ones I would like to use, but I'm not going to use Winstrol (winny) and dbol at the same time.

I started a short cycle with test prop, Winstrol (winny) and slin in may. Did 11 days with the prop, 16days with the Winstrol (winny) and 2 weeks with the slin only postworkout. Gained about 10lb and kept a lot of it, nothing much when it comes to fatgain. The thing with short cycles is I do not get shut down as I might with longer ones. I also can start bulking and keep bulking for 3-4weeks without any big fatgain and still gain a lot of mass. The negative part would be I would be that the gains maybe wouldn't be as permanent as with longer cycles..

Is there anyone here that have tried a shorter cycle for 3-4 weeks? Please tell me what you thought of it..?
I never heard of a cycle that short, but the gear seems to be the right one for te purpose.
I'm quite skeptical, but it's interesting.
IMO a mostly keepable 10lbs is not bad at ALL from a 2 weeker!
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I've done a few, I managed to keep most of my gains, but they just werent for me. Right now I prefer the really long cycles
I wanna say Realgains has done something like this, he posts over on elite and cuttingedge muscle. He's a real good guy.
hmm, i have no experience from this and i dont know if i would try it, i like your typical 8-12 week cycles. they work well for me,
I have been considering something similar. I found this on the web somewhere.

Where Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) doses are sufficient for good gains, an interesting pattern is seen. For the first two weeks of the cycle, only the hypothalamus is inhibited, and it produces much less LHRH as a result of the high levels of sex hormones it senses. The pituitary is not inhibited at all: in fact, it is actually sensitized, and will respond to LHRH (if any is provided) even moreso than normally. After two weeks however, the pituitary also becomes inhibited, and even if LHRH is provided, the pituitary will produce little or no LH. This then is a deeper type of inhibition. After this point, there seems to be no definite further "switching point" where inhibition again becomes deeper and harder to reverse. As a general rule, I would say that there seems to be little difference between using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for 3 weeks vs. 8 weeks: recovery is about the same either way. Between 8 and 12 weeks, it becomes more and more likely that recovery will be difficult and slow, though even at 12 weeks it is common for recovery to not be too problematic, taking only a few weeks. Cycles past 12 weeks seem much more likely to cause substantial problems with recovery. In the hundreds of consultations I have done for people with recovery problems, very few (I can recall two) were for very short cycles such as 6 weeks, while most were for usages of 12 weeks straight or more.