How often you change your routines?


non conformist
I change my training routines every four weeks,reason being to get away from your body adjusting to the same old routine?
More size.......ya:D
I change mine up as well roughly every 4-6 weeks for the same reason. Keep the body in shock mode!
about to change mine. getting bored with it. time to mix things up.

try to change every 6 weeks
i change things whenver i feel like it 1 week i may feel like doing something else next week i may wanna do something else again
I usually have the same split for roughly 6 weeks,

But I change my routine everyday....I never do the same chest workout or any workout in a row. Every workout for a bodypart is different then the week before.
I will try to shock my body with new routines avery 4-8 weeks...Just let the body keep guessing...By using the same routine not only the routine will become dull and boring but counterproductive for you body as your body adjust to much with the same ol routine.

Like in life changing is good, breaks the monotony!!
i try and change something about my workout every 2-4 weeks!!! This may just be the addition of a extra set to an exercise ,or a drop set at the end. Sometime i will do a completely different routine altogether:)
Every 4 weeks for the main exercise, every time I go I use a different type of failure set.

Like I will do 3 sets at bench and then a failure set of dumbbell presses. then next week a failure set of chest flyes
I tend to alter the routines on a week by week basis. But the exercise scheme remains the same.

Right now I have converted to H.I.T. for the first time ever while I focus on my compound exercises with mutiple sets and reps. This will remain the same for the next six weeks.
I cannot tell yet. This is my first week of the routine.

The workouts themselves I like more because they are over with so quickly. I definitely feel I get a better pump in my arms using H.I.T. and my shoulders still feel beat up. That never happens with my previous routines.

I'll let you know exactly what I think of H.I.T. at the end of six weeks.
My split will stay the same for months on end, but I'll alternate weekly exercises and the order that I hit my bodyparts in so I'm not always doing the same exercise when I'm fresh at the beginning of a work out or weaker at the end.

ie. Bi's and tri' week I'll super set, another week I'll go with bi's first, another week I'll do tri's first; I do 3 or 4 exercises per body part and I'll mix up the order that I do them; and I'll alternate going for higher reps or more weight. Depends on how I feel that day, I just do what pleases me. I never get bored. :)
i change mine when i get tired of doing the same thing, like when my weights aren't getting higher! i do switch a lot sometimes for a change! if something is working though, i stick with it!

every month. change is good.

Last month

This month

Stomach/Cardio alternated each day for 45 min.
If I am training for a meet my Bench, Squat and Deads are a must! But I rarely ever repeat anything else twice in a row.