How to increase vascularity

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I feel the same way about creatine. It's never made me feel very good, but - of course - I haven't taken any in years. A few years back when I started my workout routine, I had the idea that creatine was my Holy Grail to growth, but it had me in the ER the first day. Yeah, I think I took too much, but it still tasted like &*#^.

He's referring to Tuna not creatine.


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Excellent read Mr P I was one of those nummys who didn't drink enough water. as soon as i added the correct h2o amount daily all of the water i was retaining was gone in 2 weeks. I changed nothing but the water intake very very important and very very true!!!


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I must be one of the lucky ones. After a set of just about any lifting I do, the veins in my upper chest,shoulders and neck area are all exposed very well. Looks good and actually makes me feel like I am making progress.


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Citrulline Malate is proven to increase blood flow, 6g works like a charm for pump/vascularity. Icariin works well, as does glycerol monostearate.


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actually aiming for more vascularity right now, this post comes in very handy although I knew a few tricks already now I know more! Thanks MR.P gonna work on it and getting a decent tan going then I'll post more progress pics. getting pretty lean these days!


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I luv seeing my veins as soon as I get up from a set. It makes me want to lift harder. Since taking BPI Pump HD my veins seem to be even more pronounced. I luv it! Cycling test @ 500 a week as well.


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constricting short sleeve shirts. but seriously a cutting cycle with eq or tren would probably make a huge difference


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Im running tren mast n prop.. With prami n adex.. Every vein pops out.. Hest.. Head.. Claf doesnt.matter where.. Even my dick is.close to draggin on.thr floor its rediculus


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There is definitely a big genetic factor at play. My dad is very skinny, and has very little muscle. Never lifted a dumbbell in his life. But has the most veiny arms you've seen!

I did, luckily, get this gene from him...but they didn't really show up good until I started getting under 10% bf. Now they really cover my arms, legs, and some visible on the abs. I've always used HIT (high intensity training) and compound exercises (push day- Monday; pull day- Wednesday; leg day-Friday; reset). Pound each muscle group to a pulp, but only once per week, leaving lots of recovery time. (during cycles I would often hit each twice per week)