Hows this enan and prop look


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ok now i have a feeling these pics are not going to post......

anyways made by Advantage Laboratories.... never heard of them. Also, as you can see on the prop's label the typing gets cut off.. Also there are 10mL in each vial but the vial looks like it could hold 15. In other words, the juice only fills about 2/3 or 3/4 of the bottle. I want to say these are legit because the source has been good so far and i have also seen other UG labs that similarily only fill the vials 2/3 or 3/4 the way up AND have cut off typing like seen above....but i wanted to run these by you guys to see.

Enanthate 300mg/mL
Prop 100mg/mL
ok it didnt work what the hell ive looked everywhere on this board to figure out how to post an image without attaching it (file is too big to attach)
can anyone help me?
well it works if you click the links, for me anyway. still not sure how to just post the image directly in the message. thanks for the help rake
Ive peronally never seen or heard of advantage labortories I stick with BD or the Galenikas but hopefully someone here has heard of it. Your usually pretty safe with the Galenikas test enanthate because it's more time consuming and harder to scam the glass ampules that need cracked open with an amp opener. Go for the ICN Galenikas next time.
yeah i have ICNs sitting in my drawer as well. problem is i can only buy them in large amounts. so i just grabbed these vials cause they were cheep and needed some.

anyone heard of this lab?
Damn Got Alot..let Me Shoot You My # So I Can Get Some Off Your Hands...j/k...never Heard Or Seen That Company B4....good Luck...
Most steroid counterfeiters are in the market to make big money fast. This will show through when it comes to the product they are selling as well. Just like the old phrase you get what you pay for, this goes especially for fakes because they are made for very little cost. If someone is promising that they can get you what ever you want and as much as you want you should probably be skeptical, as steroids are not always available in unlimited quantities.

The best way to identify fakes is to compare it to the original, however, most athletes have never seen the original, therefore it is hard to compare. The most popular drugs such as Deca-durabolin, winstrol, and injectable testosterone have the most fakes as well so be especially aware when trying to identify them.

The best way to identify fakes yourself, is to take a long good look at the packaging. Like I said, counterfeiters are looking to make big money fast, therefore, they do not put a lot of time and effort into making their product look the best it can. The packaging on fakes usually looks a lot like the original, but look at the expiration date and the batch number. If they look like they were all printed in the same process as the label, then they are most definitely fakes.

Be sure that the expiration date on the box matches the one on the product as well. Real pharmaceuticals are packaged in large quantities and the batch number and the expiration date are imprinted later in a different process. Also, often times the labels are of low quality as well. You should not be able to easily peal the label off of the ampule or the bottle. Most steroids made by legitimate companies use labels with rounded corners so pay attention to that as well. Also be sure to check that it is on straight and that it doesn't overlap itself, this is a sure sign of low quality.

If you are checking a glass ampule, be sure that if you have a few, they are filled consistently, and of the same color. If it doesn't have a label, be sure that its imprint is straight and level and cannot be smeared easily. Be especially aware of multi-injection vials, these are easily obtained by counterfeiters and are not easily available as a legit drug. A person should beware of all drugs available on the black market, not just steroids.

ok..seeing as this is a UG lab we are talking about here there are no "originals" to compare it to. Looks to me like just a terrible labeling job from an unexpierenced UG lab.
The ONLY true way to tell if the gear is fake is to lab test it!!

Yeah, the crooked label thing doesnt really apply to UG labs.