I am going to be a Daddy!!!!


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Yes it is true...My wife and I are going to have a baby.

It took 1 month.

I have to thank Swale and www.allthingsmale.com who has helped teach me the knowledge I need to know.

Although I had low test levels, my sperm were olympic swimmers!!

We are truely blessed!

I just wanted to share with my fellow brothers!
Sweet man, one of these days I'll be a daddy...

fill her up with yer love juice!good job,the best part is yet to come,kids are great!
Great to hear bro... congrats...

abit of this = :spank: = :sperm: = :crying:

only joking bro... life is the greatest gift anyone could ever give...
Excellent ! Your world will change for the better ! Enjoy your last free days as you will never imagine you lived , another words SLEEP MAN , CAUSE YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED LOL!!!!Congrats!!!!!!
Huge news ! Thats Killer. My little girl turned 3 last week. Man you'll forget about the sleepless nights in no time ! :)
Stock up NOW on all the anabolic goodies you think you're gonna need for a while, 'cause when that thing comes, you won't have any money to spend on luxuries for the next 18 years. :)