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I have been following the mountain dog training style for a few months now and i must say i really love it.
The below isn't copied and pasted as he puts in a lot more information into the descriptions of the excersizes. a simple google search will get you a couple of his basic week to week workouts. Youtube some of his leg training videos with some big IFBB PRO guys and most of these guys are puking halfway through. John is all about intensity.
He basically has you pump every drop of blood you have into your muscle, then has you barrage that muscle with heavier weights in explosive form, then has you stretch the muscle while pumping it even more full, then has you stretch the muscle and work it from that stretched position to stretch the fascia tissue and allow more/faster growth response. Basically every muscle group follows the same methodology.

Here is an excerpt from an average chest/shoulder day for me while running the mountain dog program.
Incline Dumbell Press - 2-3 warm-ups then 3 sets of 8 (you should fail on the third set) on the third set you drop the weight and hit another 8 then you drop the weight again and go to failure. on the drop sets i actually do guillotine presses to really stretch the muscle and get'r full of nutrient dense blood.
Example : 30 x 20 - 50 x 15 - 65 x 10 - 85x8 WS - 100x8 WS - 110x8 Drop Set to 80x8 Drop set to 50xfailure (i do both drops in the guillotine press fashion)
^GOAL- Pre pump and activate^

Flat BB Bench Press - 5x5 Explosive presses. touch chest then fire up to 3/4 lockout. weight should be enough to be a struggle but still allow you to train explosively.
Example: 135x4 (feeder Set) - 185x5 WS - 225x5 (4 sets)
^GOAL - train explosively^

Machine Press (I usually do incline hammer press or wide grip hammer press) - use a machine you feel the best contraction with. 3 sets of 8 with full range of motion and hard flex at the top of every rep. on 4th set you drop weight hit 8 and then drop again to failure.
Example: 4 platesx8 (3 sets) - 4 platesx8 DROP 3 platesx8 DROP 2 platesx15
^GOAL - Supramax Pump^

Machine Flye - 3 sets of 10 with full range of motion. on 4th set gently do partials out of the stretched position, do not jerk, go very slow.
Example: 120x10 (3 sets) 120x10 with 10 Partials
^GOAL - Work Muscle from stretched position^

Dumbell Side Laterals - 4 sets of 8 with 45 seconds rest.

Machine Rear Delt Raises - 3 sets of 15. on third set tack on 10 partials out of the stretched position (not contracted)

Barbell Front Raise - 3 sets of 10 flexing hard at the top just above eye level.

I would then follow it with rotator cuff stretching and lifts.
The above workout is definetely toned down from the his chest workout i've been doing the past month.

NOTE: this is my pump shoulder day. I do heavier weights after my leg workouts. after ruining my rotator cuff 3 years ago
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sounds like a normal variation workout but without pyramids or reverse pyramids.

Is it anymore involved or is it as simple as that?
Basically every workout is a normal variation with some added oomph isn't it?

The purpose of my post was to show the excersize sequence. pumping the muscle then hitting it with heavy weights then stetching it and working the muscle from the stretched position . Thats what the mountain dog workouts are really all about. He's a strong believer in the pump and stretch. He's also a strong believer in Lee Preist's heavy weight for high reps methods. So you'll find yourself doing leg press after your squats and he'll have you do 15 reps with a 3 second descent with a weight you could normally only do 8-10 times.

On top of having me do lifts i've never heard of and fascia stretching for 1-2 minutes between lifts, he's adding rest-pause, super-sets, static holds, drop sets, band work, and forced stretches.

an example of some lifts i had never heard of yet love now: meadows row, dante row, lat stretchers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hWBCW8V_U0).

So while he's using very basic movements, he's also tweaking them a bit then adding in techniques to increase intensity.
so to answer your question yes it's as simple as that and no it gets a little more complicated at times. My original post with the chest workout was a simple example of a phase 1 workout.
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