I need advice!


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I've been working out for 1 year and I'm ready for a cycle. I'm 30 years old and I weigh 195. My upper body has shown good gains but my legs are as skinny as ever. I work them hard but the gains just are not there. I did a cycle of cypianate and anabol 2 years ago. I was not working out as hard then but I still saw some gains. What would you guys recomend? I can get cypianate and winstrol tabs but I may be able to get others.
Make sure your diet is in check..xtra protein and clean protein. Now for your cycle.. I would try the cyp at 500 mg a week..and maybe frontload with dbol at 20-25mg a day for the first 4 weeks..and make sure you have clomid and novladex on hand for post cycle therapy..Oh yeah.. and your legs... SQUAT, SQUAT SQUAT :)
If you have only been working out for 1 year, why not wait a little bit longer and make some natural gains? If you are not putting on mass after 1 year of lifting, you need to re-evaluate your diet Bro. Hold off on the drugs for a bit longer. But if you want to run a cycle, why not do 10 weeks of Cyp @ 400 - 500mg per week.
About squatting, my knees sound like gravel but after a good squat workout they seem to be better. My leg workout consists of squats, hack squats, leg presses, leg extentions, leg curls and calf raises. I've been told the leg extentions help build the muscles that support the knee is this correct. What else do I need to be doing to help my puny legs?