I would like some advice and opinions on my workout please.....

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This is the workout I am going to start on Sunday. I haven't lifted much in the last month because I crushed a couple ribs 6 weeks ago. So I'm just getting back into the swing of the things. I workout 3-4 days each week....3 one week than 4 the next than back to 3 etc. Genetically my biceps are my weakest point. I would really like them to pop!!! Please advise or critique me on this overall body workout.


A1....ball db press
2...1 arm row
B1....incline bench push-ups
2... bent over barbell row
3... ball crunch

C1...ball skull crusher
2...ball oblique crunch
3...dbl kickback

D1... barbell wall bicep curls

On A3 I would prefer some sort of bicep exercise but I'm not sure what to use.


A1...dumbell step up
2...lying hamstring ball roll

B1...walking dumbell front rotational raise lunges
2...hanging knee raises

C1...barbell deadlift
2...front dumbell squat-shoulder press
3...ball crunch arms extended

I will rotate between these 2 days. Please let me know what I can improve on....I'm open to criticism. The sets and reps I'll figure out.....I'm just curious if you think this is a good basic overall workout.....that is all I'm looking for at this point in time.....with a bit of emphasis on my puny biceps. :)
I forgot to add......my gym is going through renovations for 2 months so I'm working out with basic free weights for 2 months in my buildings gym. There is one universal type machine from the early 90's....weider brand. It's mostly free weights though.

This is why I'm wondering if this is an adequate program for what I have to work with.
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pics of said bicep. i myself don't have bicep peak but constantly doing deads/rows helped it to be strong. i don't mind having no peak when it's getting strong. doesn't doing back on the same day as chest bothers you? if you're just using free weights, it's definitely deads/squat/bench/military press
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Whats you training exp, age, weight ect

What are your goals....be specific

I'm going to put my weight training experience at moderate. I'm 28, anywhere btwn 125-130 pounds. I currently want to build some strength while staying lean. I'm not sure what my bodyfat is.....I have and am able to get down to the 6 pac lean,but right now you can see the upper abs but not the lower, which is generally how it is in off season.

I just want a good full body workout at this point in time that can be done 3 days a week. School takes up too much time for much more.

I only have access to mostly free weights right now......gym is being renovated. And believe it or not no bench.