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I understand that IGF causes muscle growth on its own therfore it dosn't have to be used with anabolic steroids. My question is, has anyone tried that? If so how were the results? I figure it might be a good suggestion to my nephew. He is on the high school football team, his other teammates have been experiencing with steriods and I know that can mess him up. IGF should do the trick with out sides right? :rockband:
IGF is definately something he should look into. Make sure you do the research. But I think it may be the way to go. What is he looking to increase, size, strength, speed, all of the above?
I thought with hyperplasia of muscle cells that people would be going crazy for IGF...wierd more people don't take it.
I have done the IGF-1 , steroid commbination. IGF-1 is a great option, however at his age, I think he is not thinking wisely ! He is too young to mess around with his Endocrine system, I would hate to see him shut down his receptors or deveope some kind of underlying problem that is dormatt in his system, and predicated on if he has any family history of Heart Disease, Cancer, Prostate, etc.... He might unlock so,me type of tumor. IGF-1 is a serious drug, and should really only be used by mature individuals who know there body (blood test), and are aware of what can happen. I myself played college, and NFL as a LB. At his age he needs to deveope his base via good dieting and training. IGF-1 is not the answer at his age ! Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being responsible to our youth ! I would ask him do the benefits outway the risk ! Probably not !
yeah I've just been reading up on IGF-1, looks like it can help promote growth of almost everything in the body...hense Mr Tumor gets his groove on.
ordered some today

I just ordered some long R3 IGF-1. I have some real pro info on it. I'm looking forward to using it. When I start using I will post.
well theres still alot of debate about how good lr3 igf-1 really works in real life and not on paper.
I see on many boards that its actually about 60/40 people that like igf-1 and not.
I´ve tried lr3 both with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) during cycling and by itselfe as my post cycle therapy (pct) and IMO it worked well as a post cycle therapy (pct) i didnt gain anything and i was on 60mcg/ed but i kept 90-95% of my gains and just that means alot but also people have to understand that lr3igf-1 is not a rapid massbuilder like Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) .
It will build new muscle but it takes time but i also think that its only for experienced users that almost have reached or have reached their geneticalmax and therefore need something to get over the plateu.