im freaked to inject my shoulders


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need some words of advice because i want to do delt shots but am just so scared to do them. what happens if its a bad shot and i get dore for days? then my lifts will be garbage.

also, there are so many veins in the delts, any particualr spot that isnt so vieny?:crying: :devil:
Sometimes if I pump up my shoulders a little beforehand I can easily tell where the veins are so that I don't hit one. I personally think the shoulders are the easiest bodypart to inject.
...i have never had any probs at all with delt shots, and i aspirate every single time and have never once drawn back any blood...aspirating sometimes is a little difficult for me tho...

Bro, all you gotta do is imagine shoulder as basketball, and aim for the middle...give it a "shot" and you'll be fine!;)
Delts and Thighs are a breeze bro ;)

After you first'll wonder "why" you haven't injected there all this time.
delts are awsome although they are a place that i tend to hit nerves. ive realized that to not hit nerves you must hit directly in middle of center head, if im even 1 inch off to the left or right.. bam ill hit a nerve, but thats just me. only thing i dont like is that my hand holding the gun gets sore from holding it in the air for like 2 mins:( i use 25g 5/8 inch
Bro I hit delts on a regular basis and let me tell you that it is my spot of choice! I have only drawn blood once while aspirating, and besides that it does not hurt at all. I am hitting prop right now and the pain is so minor, you truly are going to ask why you have not always hit your delts after you do this.