Important Information regarding sources and busts


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It's already been posted about TS getting busted. Now I'm hearing that this may be even more wide spread to the other open source boards, one of them which is private. The private board has removed the classifieds section but I haven't seen any word of any TS bust on that board. Therefore, it is unconfirmed.

But here's what's important. If the feds were on the private board, and I'm sure they are on the public one, then this could mean serious problems for MULTIPLE sources. There were a ton of sources on that board and this could turn into a huge ripple effect for all sources via the feds pressuring sources to give up other ones. This is why some of the major bulk suppliers are not answering e-mails at this time. At least I'm hoping that's the reason. :(

So to everyone who has ordered recently or has an order planned BE VERY CAREFUL from whom you order from. I'd personally not recommend going with any source that is/was on these boards. The feds ARE going after the users as well. Check this thread for more info on that subject.

PLEASE - NO ONE reply with the full name of ANY USER OR BOARD in this discussion. If you do I will immediately delete your post.
If you don't know which boards I'm talking about then you obviously don't have any problems.
im not sure if he was busted, but i know for a fact, all his money from customers since this monday is/has been seized.