Injury Question & WTF is going on question...

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Ok, so on Thursday I strained muscles in both biceps (non-work out related) and have been in some serious pain so I haven't done shit.

Now this is my 1st cycle, would missing a week of working out right when it's kicking in (week 4) really just be me wasting the juice? Should I abort the cycle or keep going and just do things like legs and core (now that I can actually move my arms and their out of slings).

Also, 3 weeks into my cycle my guy switches to Test E from Test Cyp. I already posted on this, so no big deal, but is it regular for my sex drive to dip to almost nil while cycling? Could I have bogus gear? I've just been really tired/ fatigued and have no interest in sex (well, some, but not like normal).

all screwed up,

keep going and test cyp and enth is almost the exact same thing. to stop now would be wasting it more.
Here's my little update, if you will:

I did my next dose and am wondering if Test E is supposed to have this strange smell (hard to explain, but it was oily on my fingers). It almost smells like that crap people make with sudafed.

I'm just perplexed that my libido would drop if this shit is the real deal. With the Cyp I began to notice an increasein my libido towards the 3rd week, now nothing.

Has this happened to anyone else?