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Just wanted to say hello to all of you out there. I am new to this board but recognize alot of faces and a few of the mods here. I have gone by hookuprx on elitefitness and been around for about 3-4 years. Anyways, this is my next cycle that is starting next week (still bulking year round).

stats: 25 years, 6'2" @ 205 lbs - 15% bf. (4th cycle, i think)

dianabol 1-5wks @ 40mg/day
deca 1-10wks @ 400mg
enanthate 1-10wks @ 400mg

I may also throw on like a few weeks of fina/winstrol to the end of that. Who knows. I have never used Deca, so I am excited about that. Hopefully the dosages are enough to give sufficient results. Anyways, hello to all the boardmembers.
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