ip labs from china


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i have heard alot of good and bad things about them could some of you tell me your opinion on them and what kind of gains you have got
The only inj. roids i would touch, then it would be EQ and his cyp!

I like his Winstrol (winny) tabs! Very cheap and good!
very to hott place to order 1 of 2 snagged from me always replaced order.
I did his Winstrol (winny), awsome pumps the only oil I did was the 200mg per cc susp/prop mix and I must say it was and is the strongest shit i ever done and i done lots!

watch out for test flu start small does

some of his orals are skeptical..
There are too many good companies out there to get IP, in my opinion don't waste your money on IP, you will regret it.;)
About half the people you'll talk to will say they hate IP the other half loves IP. Some of his stuff is supposed to be better than others.
You know alot of people say they use IP becuase of the price, it is cheap, but what good does it do you if you get no results from the product? If you look around long enough you definitely can find quality gear at good prices, and so what if it is still a bit more than IP, at least you know you will have good results and your money will have been well spent. Just my opinion! ;)
imajeckel said:
has anyone used the deca 300 or the rocketfuel by ip

Rocketfuel???? What does that consist of? I know he used to have something called rippedfuel. Damn, that guy comes up with all kinds of names for his homemade blends.
imajeckel said:
its is 200mg of deca and 200mg of test eth. /ml

Sorry bro, I have not heard of it or tried it. I made the mistake of using IP about a year ago and the shit had me in serious pain!! I will never do IP gear again!! :(