juice and cardio

First time I have ever been cutting, so first time I have done cardio while on cycle. Currently im doing 3 x a week for 15 minutes after a workout, and once a week for 30 minutes.
I'm trying to gain some wieght but all the eating is going to my gut. I'm doing cyp and eq. Diet is pretty clean but I like to go off it on Sundays. I'm about 10% bf just wanted add alittle more definition and add some pounds as well. Thinking of doing 20 min of cardio after each workout.
I do cardio while cutting. However on some of the bulking gear like EQ and dbol, I had some issues with bp and feeling winded real quick so it was very minimal if any while bulking.
currently doing cardio while on. trying to get my 24 pack down to atleast a 12 pack.