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Hey guys,

Quick question:

I've come down with this nasty flu and it's knocked me out of commission. I won't be working out for at least the next few days . I'm right in the middle of a cycle where I've been taking daily injections of Tren and stacking with Enan, Prop, Winstrol (winny) and Equi. Should I cool it for a week and resume injections once I've recovered? I've never been sick like this before while I've been on a cycle.
I am not an expert or anything. But I would think that you should continue to take your injections. It might be worse if you just stop.
Due to the fact that your body is weak cuz of the illness, if you stop the body might have even worse effects due to the drastic change in levels.

Just a theory!

Also, did you become sick from the gear, or is it not related??
No, I think I got it my from wife not the gear.
It seems like everytime I start a cycle I get sick,just shot through it,get your fluids in and as much food as u can and u should be fine,hope ya feel better,nothing is worse being sick while on.
I threw up the Winstrol (winny) tabs this morning.

When I come down with a long bout of flu or sickness the last thing I want to think about doing it injecting myself...that is probably just me, I dont know why I get like that...

So usually if I get pretty sick mid cycle & the sickness lasts quite some time, my cycle usually ends up get all screwed up & not on schedule.

You must remember that all anabolics cause disruptions in the immune system. I would continue on with the juice and wait on everything to pass.
The ed injections will probably suck while your sick but I would try to keep going and tough it out if you can. Try to maintain as much body weight as you can and hit the weight when you feel better.
Thanks guys. Good feedback. I'm going to drop the orals while I'm trudging through this.