Jumping back on gear after a year. Need assistance refreshing my memories


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So Hi all, haven't visited any forums only until recently when I decided it was the right time to jump back into a cycle.
I've had an adventurous year where training became less of a priority following the months after my previous cycle.
Back into training and had a solid half year to get everything from diet to training back to scratch.

Not planning on jumping on a big cycle like I previously have and just start from the basics again with a simple Test and Dbol cycle. This would be my 3rd cycle that I would run.

I've had previous experiences with this cycle itself and always have used Test but I decided I might get a few more opinions regarding HCG and PCT.

Previous PCT from a 12 week cycle of 600mg Test E p/w with 20mg of Dbol ED for 4 weeks was just nolva alone which I ran 40/40/20/20.
Recovered fine due to running HCG from week 1 to around 3 days before PCT commenced and had Adex which I started dosing at .25mg eOd when my nipples got itchy.

The thing is I also ran the exact same PCT, AI and HCG for my heavier cycles when I ran Test Deca and Bould. Also recovered fine and the only difference was along with the use of HCG throughout the cycle I also blasted it 1000IU for the last 2 weeks leading up to PCT I believe. Memories are running a bit hazy.

So my question was whether the need to run anything other than Nolva was necessary for PCT and if the use of HCG beyond 500IU p/w was needed. I've heard about combining Nolva/Clomid to Clomid/Aromasin but considering it's such a light cycle it would be great to hear some opinions regarding this matter
i always would run clomid in pct.. its just superior to nolva becasuse it stimulates production