just getting back


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ok first i have been out of the gym for 5 months i kno it sucks i was going before 6 days a week for 2 years
my cycles in cluded a test test deca and test tren win, the last one was 50 50 50/day
well i was a good solid 200 lbs at 5'8 10 %bf
now i am at about 170-175 yep lost alot of it havnt been eatring like i did and no gym

now i will be having more time to get back to it and was wondering how long should i wait before i juice again i was thinking of a test and or winstriol for a about a month to jumpstart
any suggestions


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Wait until you can't put on any more serious muscle with only diet and training. It shouldn't take long before your muscles begin responding and you begin to put size back on but definitely don't prematurely jump back on anabolics as a short cut. You'll end up just injuring yourself.


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well i geuss thats not what i wanted to hear but that is obviously the right way so thanks aboot i ll try to give it a couple of months


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Muscle memory if it actually exists means that you should be able to claw back a good chunk of your old gains...Go hammer and tongs with a perfect diet and solid training..you would be surprised how much you can get back natty especially since you've been there before...don't rely on the steroids as you can't stay on them forever.