Just test E + grapeseed oil (opinions?)


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I haven't been on any boards in a long time. Had to give up bbing for family responsibilities.
Anyway, I take a try dose of test E. I've been brewing my own for a long time but on a recent cross country move, my stockpile of test got lost.
I have raw test E, only one syringe filter and only one sealed sterile vile.
I have been without test in my system for a month and I'm feeling it. Just to hold me over until I can get some ba and bb, I'm considering making a very small batch of test E with only grapeseed oil.
Has anyone done this? Maybe I'm searching wrong but I'm not finding any personal accounts.
I'm very experienced at brewing and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be fine.
All the same, I would appreciate another opinion.
Thank you
hey bro do a search here for it in the search bar, i swear i saw a thread with this same topic last week with lots of comments on what oils to use. Good luck and keep us posted!
I've been brewing for many years now and all I've ever use is gso. I cant say I've ever had any issues with it. Pretty much any grocery store will have it. Best of luck and happy brewing.
I was reading your post about only using GSO when brewing Test E, like you I***8217;ve been brewing for years (over a decade now ) but I***8217;ve always used 2% BA but I keep getting PIP, so wanted to experiment with removing BA.

Have any of you guys ever had PIP with your brews without BA or do they just go in smooth as silk without issues ?

Any info would be great.

Many thanks
Let me clear this up, when I first read this post either my Dyslexia kicked in or I could have hit the sauce to much that day. I completely miss read the question. For that I am sorry!
GSO is the only Carrier that I have ever used, brewing gso only in a brew would be like playing Russian roulette imo. You MUST have BA, and BB in all your brews.
thanks for clearing that up, i’m going to drop ba to 1% and see if that helps ***128077;***128077;