Klomen-Type of clomid.


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Has anyone heard of Klomen, It's clomid 50mg and I think its either turkish or bulgarian. They are small & orange with a line through the center. Does anyone have a photo of one or heard of these and know if they are any good thanks.
I just did a google search on Klomen and there were quite a few sites listing it. Didn't see who was the manufacturer though. It must be legit.

Also clomid is so easy to obtain that there would be no financial incetive to produce a fake version.
There is always liquid stuff if you dont trust the other, but 50mg is the only kind of tab I know of, although there may be 25mg tabs out there for women or something?
I believe its legit I found the company: http://www.kocakilac.com/eng/product.asp?pi=70.

Also does anyone know what company this is or perhaps speaks bulgarian. I know it's legit because people has used it but since I can't read the writing I don't know how to find their website if they have one. Heres a pic on an old shitty web cam but if it were english I could read it so if you speak bulgarian I'm sure you could as well.

Thanks again