Lab work pre M1T cycle


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What lab work do I need to get done pre-M1T cycle.

I have had a thourgh checkup a year ago and did bloodwork then so do I just neeed to do a liver panel? mabye just do a post cycle panel since I know what everything is from the already drawn bloodwork?

I will be doing this out of my own pocket online labs.


Get a CBC done.. your liver will probably be fine and recover its your CHOL that will probably go to shit on an M1t cycle


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Thanks skar- do you have a lab you prefer?

Also- I have read that methalating a steroid makes it less androgenic and more anabolic so I am wondering peoples experience with M1t and their hair- How harsh was it if at all?

I have used S1+(1-test and 4-AD) and didn't lose any.