Last Chance for HCG - Get it NOW

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Hello everyone,

The time has come and it looks like in about a month none of the compounding pharmacies will have HCG. So prices for manufacturer brands will most likely skyrocket.

Get it while you can. Some pharmacies are already out of 5,000 IU vials, and only have 11,000 IU vials left.


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Going to be contacting you all very soon! I heard you all where really good with your treatments as well. thank you.


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This is sad to hear since big pharma will be getting the paycheck and cutting out the middle man. Hope it goes well with you all.

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We will probably switch to Gonadorelin so in the end it will work out. But I think it is a good idea to get one more round of HCG until they get the Gonadorelin up and running.

Hopefully some legal action will take place and HCG will remain available from compounding pharmacies, but who knows how long that will take. In the end we may find it more advantageous to use gonadorelin.

Everything happens for a reason :)

Nick smiths

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Sorry for the late reply. I poked around and found a few sites that sell it as a research chem. Couldn’t find any companies based in the us. A little sketchy about shipping into US. Haven’t purchased any yet.