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I currently weigh 210 lbs and am 6'3 with 12% bf...available to me for my next cycle is prop, eg, Winstrol (winny) depot, and deca. What combination of these compounds and what doasges will put me in th 220 lb range but while dropping me to 10% bf?

Sorry for the reply message...anyway, here is the info requested...

I am 27 yrs old. This will be my 3rd cycle. Most recent cycle was for 8 weeks using 75mg tren ed and 100mg prop ed. Before this cycle I did 8 week with Sustanon...pyramid style...started with 250 wk, 500mg 2-3 weeks, increased to 750 on 4th -5th week and tappered off for remaining 3 weeks. I fight water retention heavily on Sustanon...no problems with prop though.
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The prop, eq and Winstrol (winny) will be beneficial in a lean mass/cutting cycle. What is your previous cycle experience bro? This should help in deciding what options and dosages to run :)