Letro for Deca Gyno?


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I read somewhere that Letro does work in fighting both estrogen and progesterone related gyno. In that case, it should work for Deca correct? (making it perfect for a Test/Deca cycle, other than the fact that it may be too potent)
i used it while on a test decca because of 2 lumps one lump disappearted the other remained very faint and unpainful.
Phil9999 said:
Now i prefer to just take 20 mgs of nolva eod throughout my cycle as my trainer advises

Nolva + Deca is a No No. That's why I asked about letro. Just so you know.
i had/have progesterone related gyno, i had a pebble sized lump under my right nip and was started to get one under my left. I took letro at 2.5mg a day for about 4 weeks and the one that was starting to form left went away and the one on the right shrank. I started taking cabergoline at .5mg twice a week for about 3 weeks and the lump under my right nip is completely gone. Both my nips are still a little puffy though
cheezy said:
If letro is an aromatase inhibitor how does it fight progesterone gyno?
As far as I am concerned, it doesn't. Except that reducing estrogen can increase the amount of prolactin that is required to bring on symptoms of gyno.
Mixed info

When it comes to this topic there seems to be a lot of mixed info.

I don't understand where the info comes from that says nolva is bad for deca.
Nolva provents the uptake of estrogen like substances.
Armidex on the other hand only keeps estrogen from being made.

This comes straight off the steroid profiles from this site.

A side note; you need a little estrogen in your body for good lipids and bones.




If someone has better information in the literature please show me. I'm not claiming to be an expert.