Lets talk primo


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Seems like every UG source and their brother is coming out with Primo now. This is still a virgin drug for my and I know very little about it. So guys.......what can this primo do for me?
me too

also what are acceptable weekly doses ofit and what are extreme doses and the differences they produce in reguards to gains or strenth.

Bros,There is plenty of infos on Primo.Just do your homework.Boards,internet site,books.Basically it's considered one of finest and safest steroid.No DHT,estrogen or progesterone activity.Very little sides,and the less strong on your HAPTA suppression.I used it and it's one of my favourite(others test prop,tren equi)it gives good quality to the muscles,you only add LBM,and NO SIDES no matter what.Sides with primo,!!!AT REASONABLE DOSAGE!!!happens rarely and only in sensitive individuals.Ok Bro,now just start to do your easy homwork and good luck to find legit shering primos!!
I've done a lot of primo, as stated above you wont really see any side effects at all. On its own, the actual anabolic effect is mild, and you wont see much if you go below 400mg a week. Stacked with test is great for some good lean gains, or stacked with Winstrol (winny) its good for cutting as it is a good anti catabolic on a low calory diet.
If primo wasn't so damn expensive, I'd run a lot of it. I don't really notice much of anything at low doses but get up to or over 500 mgs. per week and you get a really hard, quality look. As the other guys mentioned, there are no noticeable sides and I almost want to say it puts me in a good mood. :confused:

I like to switch from eq or deca to primo for the last few weeks of a cycle. The reason is that primo has much less of an effect on the HPTA than almost any other AS. So, my theory is that I can use say 600-700 mgs. of primo for the last 2-3 weeks and carry some anabolism into my clomid regime without preventing my HPTA from recovering.
I was just curious about some of your guys opinions. I'm not some dumbass newbie, just wanted some personal responses.