Lift's Second Cycle-Test and Tren


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Blast Phase: (bulking)
1-10 Sustanon 300mg/ml: 1ml eod
1-8 Tren ace 100mg eod

May run some dnp before the cruise phase.

Cruise Phase: (cutting)
10-16 50mg Winstrol (winny) eod
10-16 Test E 500mg/wk

2-16 hcg 250 iu 2x weekly (will likely up to 500)
2-16 20mg aromasin eod

Additional supps (some I have currently, some will be ordered, will start all of them next week)

-creatine mono/ethy ester 10-15mg day
-Taurine-10-20 mg day
-b6 200 mg/day
glucosamine/chondroitin mix-who knows the dosage on that shit, 2 horse pills/day
-fish oil- at least 6 grams daily
-vitamin E 400iu day
-vitamin C 1000 mg day
May have some more vitamins in the closet who knows I'll be taking them all!

Pct: 40 40 20 20 with nolva plus at least two weeks of aromasin at 20mg eod. Planning on using some igf here and have not decided on my dosage yet. Also considered bridging with some Anavar (var) but haven't heard good opinions of it recently so we'll see.

If I love tren as much as everyone else I will probably tack on a couple weeks there and that means a couple more weeks sust haha. Depending on how the cutting goes I may add on a couple weeks for that, it's really not set in stone at this point.

First inject was tonight, right quad, painless and perfect. Managed to dodge the tren cough lol. Time to rock and/or roll.


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Like your idea on:

Cruise Phase: (cutting)
10-16 50mg Winstrol (winny) eod
10-16 Test E 500mg/wk

Your obviously really a bear to run all that on a 2nd cycle :D


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Lucky13 said:
Your obviously really a bear to run all that on a 2nd cycle :D

In some ways I expect this to be like a first cycle, I just sort of breezed through my last one but never really felt any dramatic changes, it was definitely a good cycle but I expect this one to be a lot better.


Why do you choose to use susta first 10 weeks then suddenly ad Test E wich will take several weeks until you really get the advantages from it (and personally I think sust sucks and the small amount of enanthate wont do shit). Rather just run the Test E @1g all the way then adding the orals when time comes.

Saying this without knowing youre size.


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I went for sust for two reasons. I needed the most bang out of my buck as far as mg/ml so I could inject 2ml eod as apposed to 3ml, which is a hell of a lot of oil to save over 12 weeks. Now I know I could have gone with test-E but it took fucking 6 weeks to kick last time and I want to start the tren the same time as the test.

Starting stats: 6'4 265-270 13-15% bf

Bast- The longest ester in sust takes even longer than enan to kick so there should be plenty of test in my system while the enan is kicking in. Odds are I'll end up throwing at least a couple weeks of prop at the back end while I wait for the enan to clear. As far as running 1 gram throughout, we'll see how it goes, I was thinking 500mg test plus an oral would be plenty to cut on.
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