and would u guys drink this stuff


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I mean is it a bath tub operation or what? not trying to knock them at all, but i want to get some feed back from you vets first. How is the liqua-clomid? and the liqua-letro? which website would u all prefer?:40oz:
Id go with researchkits.
But dont forget.
They are not to be consumed, for research purposes only.
It is not meant for the ingestion by humans. ;)
By the title of this thread, I am more than a little confused.

What the hell else besides "DRINK the stuff" are you supposed to do, I surely hope you don't think that you INJECT IT, cause that is NOT the case. :confused:
All of the products are for oral use. Swallow them aka. drink them.
hmmm...bathtub operation?

HAHAHAH Man your stomach can handle a little unstirility so I dont think you would keel over and die if you drank something thats not sterile. Bathroom Operation HAHAHAHA
I think this guy is questioning the cleanliness of the products. From what I can see, chem is a good guy and I don't think he would sell "shit". Go with researchkits!
Ha,I wondered if Chem would see this!! bro I think your tummy can handle it,RK has a very good rep.

ripped1979 said:
Ok. I just wanted to get some feedback on the sight , no need to flame away.....
easy bro they arent really flaming you , if you dont believe me try posting on some other boards but wear a flame retardent suit :D , its all good welcome to our home bro :D
hey bro right now im on nolva from liquid-solutions ..just swolled it and chased down with water . no biggie...ordered it on a mon got it problems....