Liqua-Solutions Out???


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I went to the Liqua-Solutions site today and they are all out of stock. You guys know if they got a pretty fast restocking process? WHat other reputable sites do you bros suggest. Thanks:confused:
Damn I am blind, it early in the morning here. I didn't read the side of the website on Researchkits, my bad. Do you think that Liqua-Solutions is a little cheaper on the Liqua-dex or no??? Thanks for the help. I will make sure to have my glasses on next time I am looking on the computer. :D
Liqua-Solutions will have Liqua-Nolva and Liqua-Dex in stock by tomorrow (Saturday) and Liqua-Cialis and Liqua-Fil (Viagra) will be in stock ass well by Saturday. The Liqua-Clomid will be about 2 weeks. CHeck out their Spring Sale on other supplies