Liquid anti e's


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I've used liquidex in the past, but I've also heard and read good things about femera and aromasin.
My question is what's the best anti e, and have you guys have good experiences with all the liquid anti e's.
I have always used liquidex and have yet to try the femara I have a bottle but am waiting for next cycle to try it! I personally think the liquidex works and dont think I will notice a difference!
I like letrozole (femara) personally. It seems a little stronger than arimidex but not overly surpressive like aromasin.
i hate ldex -LOL i like it for defending myself against gyno but it hinders my gains like mad. o well,i dont want titties
What kinda doses you use on letrazole (femera) when you take it? You do it like the post cycle nolvadex/arimidex and then get off or is there a diffrent way to take it? What kinda mgs you using also? If you all say it is better than liquadex I would like to try it.

From what I read from these guys letro is the best b/c there is no bloat and you ain't got to take a lot of it either.
Femera is the best stuff hands dow, and I have used them all.

TTORO- gains being hindered is so over rated. It's mainly just a lack of water weight. True more water in the muscles makes you stronger so you can lift a little heavier while on, but it's not going to make a noticable difference. You may also put on a pound or two of gyno witout them :)