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Hi, now anamarketing has gone I've got to find another place to get ari/liquidex.

Has anybody tried the liquiarim from PPL? Is it real/does it work?

Any replies appreciated.
Thanks for the replies, I looked at liquidresearch but I dont think they ship outside the US at the moment, shame because it is so cheap.
i have used liquidex and letrozole. i have noticed that letrozole to be much better anti -e because i usually take between 2-3 grams of diferent tests a week and have zero bloat and no puffy nips. i have only ordered from pmp. there a little on the expensive side but i trust there product.
Hey BigJew,

I heard through the grapevine that you hooked up with the Northeast's hottest nutritional guru, gained 20 lbs of contest muscle and are the odds on favorite at the Jr. Nationals this year.

Any comments for the fans? I'll be there. Don't disappoint me dude!!
I went with because they ship outside the US and if the mod recommends them they should be OK, a bit on the pricey side though, but I dont mind paying for quality. Now waiting to see how long it takes to arrive.