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Why are long arms so much harder to grow???? 6'1" my arms are pretty long they are starting to kick in now but what a bitch.The rest of me is growing rather nice.chest,shoulders,lats,even my forearms.Just having trouble with the bi's.Any suggestions?
Assuming things are proportional, you will have poor leverage for many exercises, however, you should do quite well with pulling type motions, which will affect your training.

Also, the longer your arms are, the more mass it takes to make them appear larger, whereas someone with stubby little arms can make them look huge in far less time.
catalyst is right about longer limbs in general having poor leverage for weightlifting. There are 2 main things that determine how good of leverage you will have; one is the length of your bones and the other is how far down the bone the tendon is attached. So an ideal body for bench pressing will have short arms with the pec's tendon attached down their closer to their elbow. On the other hand, an ideal deadlifter would have short legs and long arms so that they don't have to move the weight very far to lockout.

I'm not sure if this has much to do with wanting big looking arms. Different people have problems developing different muscles. And, as catalyst said, the longer your arms are the more mass you will need to have them look big.
i am 6'3 and i don't think i look big, but you have to play the hand you are dealt. The only thing you can do is keep improving, their is no magical way to make your muscles look bigger accept to either get leaner, or grow. And whoever said that long arms are great for pulling is on the money. I am right around the corner from a 600lb deadlift.
I have long arms. I am pretty strong on curling type movements, but on bench I am not that strong compared to some guys.

I hammer the piss out of my arms every Monday. I do bis and tris that night and just get an awesome pump going. I remember the days of having sub 16" arms. Now they are 19" warm. Lots of years and eating to get 3" though.
Yeah it sucks. They ar strong no doubt my bench is pretty good too.They just grow soooo slow..Its frustrating.Everything else is coming along nice but my arms are lagging.I think i might be over training as well. Im going to cut it back a little.I beat em up real good bi's and tris also. They swell nice but towards the end of my workout i lose the pump, which is making me think maybe im overtrainig.
Here is my arm workout.

2 bi excercises, 4 sets each
3 tri excercises 4 sets each
finished with reverse curls, 3-4 sets.
How does that workout work for you MP5 have you seen an improvement , Ive dropped my sets down to 10-12 for each bis and tris, I think less than that is not enough
If you want me to give you specifics for a workout to try let me know.

Does not take much to tax a bicep.
MP5 said:
If you want me to give you specifics for a workout to try let me know.

Does not take much to tax a bicep.

Yes, Please specify, I want to see the diff between my workout and what you do.
This is what I do, but I change the excercises up whenever I feel like it or the weights/cables are being used. I think it is best to switch shit up a lot anyway. It works for me. And my split goes like this so my arms are fresh:

Monday: arms (bis, tris, forearms)
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Chest then shoulders.
Friday: Back then traps.


Excercise 1. Seated dumbell curls.

-bench between 45-to vertical. Standard curls starting with one warmup set, then 3 real sets. If you really want to shock your arms try both hands at the same time, or do individual arms then as you are getting towards the end of your set crank out the last 3-4 reps with both arms at the same time.

Excercise 2: Dumbell hammer curls on the preacher bench.

-do one warmup set then around 3-4 real sets. Using one dumbell at a time crank out strict reps hammer style. I usually hit this for 10 reps or so until my last set i might go down to 6.

Do these one arm at a time or try both arms at a time for a nice change.


Excercise 1.

V-bar cable pushdowns.
- I do around 20 reps first set to warmup. Then do 3-4 real sets dropping down until I am at 6 reps.

Excercise 2.

Skull Crushers:
-Standard load up the weight and do 3-4 sets.

Or my new favorite: Seated EZ-curl bar overhead extensions.
Sit backwards on the preacher for back support. Load up the bar and crank out 4 sets 15-12-10-8/6

Excercise 3.
another good one: Reverse cable pushdowns.
-using one hand at a time, simply grab the handle palm up and push down. Tricky one and really tough so I keep the reps higher to make it strict. 15-10-8 reps.

OR...do it with the cable and curl bar both hands palms up. You can go heavier this way. Maybe 12-8- 6 reps.

I always try and do a reverse Tri excercise either the one hands or two hands. Hits the tris a lot different than the other standard lifts.

After 3 Tri excercises it is time to finish off your bis.

Time for reverse cable curls. Using the curl bar on the cable machine crank out either standard 4 sets of reverse curls in the range of 15-12-10-8/6.

For a real killer do them as drop sets. Crank out like 15, then drop the weight and keep going. Drop down 4 times.

Now crank out some behind the back forerm curls, 3 sets with the barbell and you are done.
I do have very long arms too but surprisingly i was able to fill them out pretty good , it`s mostly in the genes but dont let it stop you : work out as heavy as possible and still use good form ............. train, eat , rest and grow ..........Good luck !