I was reading some profiles of Masteron and am wondering if it has any advantages over Tren A?
I brew my own Tren A and get great results. So it may not be worth the trouble.

Just give me some thoughts, Thanks
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Sounds like you have answered your own question

It doesnt have any advantages just less sides in my oppinion

Not as effective for growth/strength either
The androgenic sides are similar, but there are some advantages/disadvantages to both. Tren will build much more muscle mass and has more sides (night sweats, progesterone induced gyno etc..). Whereas Mast being a synthetic DHT derivitave binds to SHBG very strongly increasing your free test. Think of it as injectable proviron.
i've often heard of masteron being considered a weak tren or a drug for those who can't handle tren such as myself. i for one love masteron but at it's price tag i think there are other suitable alternatives. in my experience it runs about the same price as tren, so i say if you can handle tren pick it over mast any day.
i havent used masteron, but for the price and ease of homebrewing, I dont see anything being comparable to tren. I have been told many times that masteron is for cosmetic use only. not much strength and size gains. it gives you that dense,vascular look. but quickly fades when the cycle is over.
tren is alot better. and dont think masteron is fucks with my head more than tren does. it (masteron) did little to my physique, Winstrol (winny) and tren is 10x better.
Thanks Alot Guys,
This answers any qustions I had about Mastron. I have been homebrewing some good Tren. So I'll stick with that.