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Has anyone ever used the oral masteron from IP labs in china?? can anyone tell me there results or if it even worked at all??.ive used there oral Winstrol (winny) and dbols and liked both of them im planning on running the "masteron" with fina and prop so let me know you experiences with it.:rolleyes:
Yes.I also agree with JhonnyB.In the worst case some others claims it cantains Methyltest.Masteron is an improvement of Proviron,cause it have much more anabolics properties.However my experience with IP is not that bad,but I would'nt advice to anyone to use them,also,if I'am'nt wrong the oxandrolone ip tested for oxylmetholone,if this were true...I can't immagine.
Bottom line it isn't masteron, it couldn't be masteron if it was oral. (At least to work) Masteron is drostanalone propianate.