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Hey folks!

This is probably a dumb one but oh well, gotta ask right.

Are there any drugs/supps one can take to slow down their overall metabolism?? (since I got fast metabolism) I mean there are some real hardgainers who gotta eat 7+cals/day and still have a difficult time gaining. How on earth will people like this be able to make progress and keep it??

Besides genetics, what exactly determines ones overall metabolism?? Can you permanently change it?? I'm not talking about slight changes such as doing cardio and eating smaller meals more frequently to increase your metabolism slighty, etc. I'm talking permanent drastic changes.

Thanks and if you're gonna flame me, make it good at least. lol
Popichulo said:
EAT man EAT I will bet my life that you dont eat as much as you think you are.

Especially if he's only eating 7+ calories a day!! .
I mean there are some real hardgainers who gotta eat 7+cals/day
j/k bro, but Popi is right, there is always room for more grub if you're lookin' to bulk up
bro I have no problem putting on size, but you really need to eat. I am not sure how big you are currently but popi is right, you can always eat more than you currently are eating.
Well, being an ectomorph sux doesnt it =-].......As an ectomorph it is increasingly important for you to increase your carb/fat content high levels.....Remember that you are always fighting a glycemic battle with your body.......Blood sugar constantly dropping..... This is one of the biggest hinderance to gains for an ectomorph, the reduced blood sugar sends you into a downward spiral of catobolism, and robs you of much needed recovery and quite possibly even deteriorating current mass........EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT!

And when your some more......I eat a meal every 2 hours...cept when i sleep. It is imperative that you keep yuor blood sugar constant and high to fuels and repair muscles...hope this helps some bro
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Are you below 7% bodyfat? I mean, REALLY below 7%, not like the guys with love handles that claim to be under 7%..

If you are not ripped... you probably don't need to slow down your metabolism... Perhaps be more patient waiting for gains.