Mexipharm, anyone????


Supposedly this is a new co. out of Mex., their line is almost the same as TT & QV. Anyone hear about this Co., I have seen it on a list?:confused:
Well, that's good to hear! All the reports so far have been positive! I may have to give them a try down the road.
fatchops said:
My buddy just got some Cyp and he is liking it a lot. I will get your the website from him ASAP.

Yeah, I would like to know what there web site is so I can check them out!
I don't know but the feedback seems to be pretty good! I wish I could find their website to check the stuff out! If they even have a website?
I have a friend now on the deca and test and hes loving it..

hes not on the boards at all though-maybe I can get some more feedback for you.