Mixing up traing when you hit body parts 2 times a week.


I was wondering if any of you guys hit body parts 2 times a week...and if so, how do you hit them..i generally train heavy, but i was think of running a heavy day with lower reps like i generally do, then hit it again later in the week with lighter weight and more reps. Would this work ok, or would it be a waste? I can continue to train heavy all the time, but at 38, my body does not fix itself as it used to....any suggestion?

The only time I trained a body part twice a week was which a training split and routine from a guy who writes for Anabolic Extreme named Dogg. I would definitely reccomend reading his stuff. Go read all his cycling for pennies articles and Doggpound training. It's very different but worked well for me.
Try it and see how your body reacts. Everyone is different. I personally have never benefitted from trainning body parts twice a week although there are alot of pro BB who do it. My opinion is you have to be a genetic freak to work for you.
Twice a week is way too much in my opinion.Unless your recovery abilities are far superior to others
I trained twice a week for about three months till I deemed it unnessesary. 5x5 routine now, thanks to the guys here.