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you mad because you're losing track or something.

the raw is a fixed amount.

water added will determine concentration.

Concentration determines volume injected based on desired dose.

concentration of HCG per mL since it started at 5k it can only be watered down so the original 5kiu will be evenly divided into the mL/volume its mixed with.
And all of that nonsense is solely on you... I asked what the conversion is for the 100iu vs the 40iu as the volume for both is 1 ml and my reconstituted "whatever" stays the same concentration.
You're the one getting stuck up on how to math hCG concentrations and reconstitution lol...
1ml ÷ 40 = 0.025ml.

What dose are you looking for and I'll do the math for you. You mixed in 2.5mL into 5k right?
1ml ÷ 40 = 0.025ml.
What dose are you looking for and I'll do the math for you. You mixed in 2.5mL into 5k right?

Great that we're on the same page after a whooping full day of retardation.
That's all I asked for... What the value was...

Nah, I mix 2ml bac water into 5k, which makes every 0.1ml = 250iu.
I inject 0.2ml each time, which is how many IU on the retard one?
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We are obviously not on the same page and you still dont understand.

Ok 40iu pin is 0.025ml per iu.
100iu pin is 0.001ml per iu

To spoon feed you, you will need to pull 8iu on the 40iu pins.
Now for some actual log...

Was over at a friends place chilling and was really nice weather so randomly decided to hit some pubs up for beers.
Only had two due to calories and rarely drink anyhow but made me skip gym today, got home all late and then mycelium kept me busy lol...

Will just change up tomorrows rest for today, no biggie.
ui does not equal volume

But it does... Thats why you can convert it to other measurements... If it wasn't fixed that way and tied into volume, you could not do the math consistently...

Yes, I suck at math, not sure how many times I've said it but I'll say it again... I. Can't. Math. To. Save. My. Own. Life. In. An. Emergency.
Do you feel better now? :)

The "5k IU" on hCG is just an arbitrary set number and has no real meaning. At least that's how I read it from wikipedia.
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"""""Most drug dosages are measured by*weight*in grams, milligrams or micrograms; however certain special drugs have other metric units that measure properties other than weight:

International Units*(units): International Units, often just referred to as Units, are used to measure the power or action of a drug. The volume or weight of a Unit will vary from drug to drug; for example, in penicillin, which is an antibiotic, a substance which kills bacteria, the ability of the antibiotic is measured by it's power to kill bacteria. If one kind of penicillin is mixed so that 1 mL contains 200,000 U and another kind of penicillin is mixed so that 1 mL contains 1,000,000 Units, the second drug has five times more bacteria-fighting power than the first drug, even though one mL of each has the same volume.

Drugs such as*insulin,*penicillin, and*heparin, all of which we will encounter in this course, are all measured in Units; vitamins, hormones, and blood products in general are also often measured in units. However, it is very important to note that the*volume or weight of a Unit of insulin is usually very different*from a*Unit of penicillinor a*Unit of heparin. So while 1 mL of insulin may have 100 Units of insulin in it, 1 mL of heparin may have 10,000 Units of heparin in it!"""

Educate yourself yo
You seem to be unable to differentiate between concentrations and volume.
So I guess you used sorcery to calculate the conversion between different measurement units?

I also like how you copied straight but left out this part:
To do so, the WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization provides a reference preparation of the agent, arbitrarily sets the number of IUs contained in that preparation.
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You fail to understand. You make my point even further. Almost any 3 dimensional anything can be converted into anything else that is a standardized measurmemt.

If iu was a volume a 1 mL slin pin will always hold the same amount of iu as well.

"arbitrarily sets the number of IUs contained in that preparation." Like iu per mL. . . . . because an iu isnt volume. But what's even crazier is that a standardized iu of a substance will have a volume and weight.. . so an iu of anything can be converted to a volume or a weight.

1 mL of insulin can have 100 or 500 iu of insulin. Different concentrations in the same volume.