my next cycle


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ok bros i am going back on aweek from monday

750 mgs test enanthate 10 weeks
400 mgs EQ 10 weeks
frontloading test first week
frontloading EQ first two weeks
will be hiting twice a week split evenly
nolva on hand

clomid accordingly

all will change if my funds for my gh come in. then i will run cycle for 16 weeks 5 on 2 off with gh slin post workout

stats as of right now

5' 10"
282lbs [ weighed myself today]
body fat in the 16 to 18 percent range will get the nutritionist at the gym to check for me to be sure

so what does everyone think.
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Looks good bro, I don't know how many cycles you have done before, but you may need to up the dosage on the EQ a bit, depending how your body responds to the 400mgs., also I would extend the EQ to 12 weeks instead of 10.
What are the frontloading dosages?

At your weight and bf% it might behoove you to cut for a short while.
That looks great and well planned out. I wouldnt change anything except for maybe frontloading the test for 2wks as also at the standard 2x frontloading.

Eat high protien, clean food and you will get good results.
almighty, i know i should run a cutting cycle. next one bro next one. lol

thanks billy, will change accordingly
its all in the diet, u can cut with dbol or drol, although water retention may make u look fatter than u are