my problem.. vacation


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An unexpeted surprise has taken place in the midst of my cycle. Obviously, when things are going good, something bad needs to happen. Im in the middle of Primo/var/GH, and I'll be going away on vacation this friday for 8 days. The best thing I've come up with is droping half my dose of Anavar (var), which comes out to 20mg, and taking that throughout the trip.
My questions, Is there a better way to stay on, even though there more than likely isn't going to be a place where I could work out?
How will the GH be affected?
And when I come back will it be allright to pick up exactly where I left off (which I wasplanning on doing)?
I would keep to the plan as much as possible. I wouldn't drop the doses any. Keep your levels as stable as possible. Whenever I go on vacation I bring and ice chest to keep my gh in. It really depends on if you are flying or not. If you are flying I would atleast keep the anavar dose the same and leave the GH and primo behind.
Yes, the only problem is gh refrigeration.
For everything else I would go on like I was at home.
Are you leaving the country or stay in?

If your staying in and your hgh is one that doesn't need to be refrigerated before reconstitution and you know the addy where your staying. Mail yourself a package.

nah bro, Im going out of the country. So I should keep my Anavar (var) doseage at 40mg, even though there probably isn't going to be a gym where I could work out?
If you are leaving the country, then the Anavar (var) is the only item that you should even think for two seconds about bringing with you. Just stay on that, then resume the injectables when you return.