my training


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mondays i do upperbody-bench(heavy),curls,200 pushups,abs
tuesdays legs-squat(heavy),powerclean,run,abs
wensdays upperbody-bench(burnouts),triceps,abs
thursdays legs-squats(80%),leg press if possible,abs
fridays abs,biceps,bleachers
weekends off
We can definitely help with this. I'm just going to throw some things out there for might come across a bit kurt, but we need to get it all sorted out first.

Why bench heavy on 200 push up s on the same day, and then burn out chest on wednesday. There is no way in hell that your chest is recovering.


You mention triceps, but what do you do for them?

abs 5 days a week?
What do you do for abs?

Why are curls on a different day than biceps?

By bleachers, I suppose you mean that you are running the bleachers?

When do you train boxing?

Where is your back work?
lets say we take my work out and throw it away i looked at this other guys thread tell me if it will work
day one
dips or bench press 2x6-8
incline press, or incline fly 2x10-12
military press, or hammer shoulder press 2x6-8
tricep(skull crushers) extenions or tricep pusdowns 2x 10 -12
haevy abs 3x10
day two
pull-ups 3 sets to failure
barbell row 2x8
ez-bar or dumbell curl 1x10
squas 2x10
dealifts,or stiff- legged deadlift 1x10
so do u think it will work? and yes i mean running up and down the bleachers i really appreciate the tanks alot and the diet thing i dont have one is there any thing u perfer