My workout week, Legs then back, then chest...


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I'll go ahead and post up my last three workouts that I have had... today, I did chest after being out for part of this week with a freeking chest conjestion from hell! :(

With the help of an olympic cambered bar... I was able to do back squats with 275 on it... which is pretty good, as I haven't done back squats in 4 years due to shoulder pains... LOL
Here was my workout

Back Squats w/ Cambered bar
bar warmup x 20
135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 5

Zercher Squats
Bar Warmup
225x8 --- lost my pants on 185 and 225 again today... after 225, my pants just fell off from my left side... I need to stop wearing snap up pants... luckily at 1am, there isn't anyone in the gym!

Stiff legged deadlifts

At this point, I was feeling like I was going to puke... I didn't spend much time in between sets, I was so excited about the back squats, with the usage of that bar, that I just was pumped up... after the 225 Zercher squat set, I almost passed out and puked at the same time...

Calves Standing 3 sets of stack +45 x 12, 10, 13

I left the gym and threw up outside my car... it was mostly just the water I had drank during the workout... and after that, I felt really ok... but still, very tired and blasted.

Looks like I can add back squats to my arsenal now... I'm pretty stoked.

Back Day

Barbell rows
135x10, 225x10, 275x8, 315x4
Rack Partial Deadlifts
135x10, 225x10, 275x10, 315x8, 375x5, 405x3
High Face Pulls - w/good squeeze
100x25, 110x20, 100x25
Cable Rows
150x10, 200x10, Stackx6 -- good squeeze on the end movement.
Lat Pushdowns (I think?)
100x20, 100x20

I did 3-4 sets of light biceps too... to get a decent burn.

Also, next flexion and extension exercies with a 25lb plate on my head.

Speed Bench
Bar and 135 warmup x10
185x3x9sets -- 45 second rest in between each set.
225x10, 275x3

Hammer Incline
4 plates x10
6 plates x10
6 plates 2 quartersx7
8 plates x3

Cable Flies
3 sets x 12

I did some light tricep workout
Pushdowns 3 sets light weight 20 reps
One arm pushdowns/reverse pulldowns x 3 x 20 reps

All in all, my chest workout FLEW by... and I felt like I was blasted at the end of it...

hammer incline is that 6 plates all together? I guess so

Whats Zercher Squats? I have never heard of it.

Good #"s on barbell rows

Zercher Squats... the last set of photos... the first one... I bring my elbows a little lower than that though... my hammies touch my soleus and my elbows go a few inches below my knees... they really blast the hell out of your hams/glutes... it's a bitch having the bar in your arm like that though LOL

Normally I do front squats with 225-275 depending... but I switched over to front squats with the new bar (for those of you who don't know, I haven't done fronts in like... 4 years due to a bad shoulder injury) I expect the weight to go up significantly in the next few weeks.

Beast_19_301 said:
hammer incline is that 6 plates all together? I guess so

Yeah, as odd as it sounds... it isn't too much... but for the speed benching, I can almost always knock out alot more weight than that... but after having your chest fried... it's like everything is giving out on you LOL -- i'm sure you know the feeling. :)

Beast_19_301 said:
so that is the all time front squats. I might try that on my next leg workout

The picture you are looking at in that link is a Zercher squat... the one that is toward the bottom...

Front squats, I rest the bar on the front of my shoulders... with the bar cutting off the air almost, on my windpipe.

FS -- really hit my quads if my stance is in close enough... Zerchs... then nail the hammies/glues... it's a really great combo. :)

Ya i know what front squats are and yes I was looking at the pics at the bottom. I have seen people do them in my gym I never knew they had a name.

Ya i know that feeling pretty good. It's the worst when you are doing chest and going balls out. then your tris, shoulders and chest all give out and u can't lift the weight back up and your spot is busy looking at pussy in the gym.