my1st cycle & need HELP!


...always bulking
i didnt use steroids before, so any suggestios for a 1st oral cycle?
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Welcome to Steroidology !!

If you are serious about getting into the game, forget about oral only cycles.

A great cycle for you or any other first time user is 400-500 mg/week of either Test Enanthate or Test Cypionate. That's need to do any more compounds on your first cycle.

Have Nolvadex on hand in case of gyno.

Start post cycle therapy (pct) 2 weeks after your last injection.
Clomid as follows;
day 1 - 300 mg
day 2-11 - 100 mg/day
day 12-21 - 50 mg/day

You also might want to think about getting your bf down a little before, just a thought......