GQ on AS!
natty said:
the highest i have ever gotten Anavar (var) is 40mg, i will be running it at 100mg sometime in the future. I have been running 20mg of BTG oxandrin for almost 5 months now without the tinyest problem as far as liver function, and i get my liver tested often. (i was put on it due to the chemo and wasting and it still has yet to effect my liver negatively.)

natty thought I would post a new thread on this. First of all I hope you are doing well from your chemo.!

Are you taking any liver protectors along with your Ana Anavar (var) dose? Also how is that dose working for you on holding on to your lbm?
my chemo ended a week ago. It sucked and I hope noone else has to deal with it. The chemo did a number on me, the Anavar (var) did very little untill my weight started to drop low, then it became easiar (thru a good nutritional regiment to keep the weight and even add some weight)

Currently the only supplements i am taking are Liquid Vitamins, ALA (r-ALA and regular), Vitamin C, Ultra Antioxident Formula. That is all im taking right now, when i get the ok sign from my doctor i may incorporate some Creatine.