need a little advice- please


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i am about to run my second cycle .my first cycle was .
d-bol 30 a day for first 4 weeks
and test 250 at 500 per week for 10 weeks and then d-bol again for 2 weeks . then clomid post cycle.
my stats are 27 years old 192 pounds 6'0.been lifting 2 years solid.
now my question is i just went to mexico and picked up some d-bol and some test 400. and deca 300.
so how should i run my cycle to get max gains and keep them .and what days should i run what? and can i mix deca and test in same needle at the same time?
thanx for the help
(also i have clomid and anti,s already)
run the same thing you ran last time, but add 300 mg of deca week.

dbol 30mg 1-4
test 500mg 1-10
deca 300mg 1-10

remember deca last a little longer in the body, so clomid is started 3 weeks after last injection, may want to run the test until week 11, this way they clear at the same time. I would run prop 12 and 13 also, but that is just me.