Need a little critique...


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Ok first off here is my stats. 6'4 1/2" 240lbs. 9.4% body fat. Have a couple cycles under my belt.
Now here is my next cycle-

QV EQ-400 mgs/wk/ 8 weeks
QV Test cyp-400mgs/wk/8 weeks
*clomid therapy and nolva is hand

Im just looking to put on 10 good lean lbs. Reason why I am not looking for enormus gains is because I am a pitcher and dont need too much more bulk but strength is always great.

Think I will be ok with those dosages? Should I front load the EQ?
I have never ran EQ but have ran test.

I would run the EQ for min of 10 weeks....12 weeks would be good if you want to see the full effect of EQ.....

If you are looking to do a short cycle and gain only 10lbs then run Test by itself...
Why don't you want to run Test at the same time as EQ bro?

If you don't have enough test then wait untill you get it right...
O k. spice me up a cycle here bro. I am just going to run it like this-
EQ 400mgs/w/10 weeks
TEST 400 mgs/w/10 weeks. What do you think? What would you recommend brotha? Thanks for the help I appreciate it. :afro:
Perfect! good to go. Cant wait to start. Been cravin some test for about a month now. ;) Thanks for yo time
jyzza said:
1-10 500mg EQ
1-10 500mg Test

Your a big boy......

getting ready to start that cycle, with some fina in there. GOD I LOVE FINA! i dont think i will ever do a cycle with out it!